Late Saturday night, a TriMet bus driver struck five young pedestrians, killing two. Check out Sarah's complete coverage here, and stay tuned for updates on this heartbreaking tragedy.

Iraqi elections hit yet another bump in the road, putting Obama's plans to withdraw troops in jeopardy.

Tornadoes rip through the South, killing 12.

The GOP drags their club feet again; this time about finance reform!

Former prez George W. Bush has a memoir coming out in November entitled Decision Points, and subtitled, "Durrrrr... Me Am Dumb!"

Avatar sells 6.7 million DVDs in four days. I didn't want to buy one... but when that blue guy stuck his ponytail in me, I was compelled!

Convicted racketeer and GOP shill Bill Sizemore is running for governor... and damn proud of it!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Cool and showery week, with a nice weekend ahead!

And finally, this white Christian lady spitz some mad rhyme, yo! (Okay mom, now why don't you shut up and pour me and my friends a glass of Sunny D?)