TriMet has released a little bit more information about the woman driving the TriMet bus which crashed into five pedestrians on Saturday night, killing two women in their 20s.

Operator Sandi Day was hired in October 2007 and though her Line 9 bus was empty, it was in service and she was not coming off of a break. On Saturdays she usually fills in on various routes for drivers who are out on vacation or sick leave, but she had driven this route before. As is standard post-crash protocol, she took a drug test but the results are still pending.

Until the investigation is resolved, Day has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Meanwhile, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition Director Steph Routh criticized the language media has used to describe tragedy, "This is a horrifying event for five people who did nothing more than try to cross the street. With over 41,000 crashes in Oregon in 2008 alone, how can we continue to refer to these traffic events as 'accidents?'"

There will be a candlelight vigil tonight for the crash victims at 9PM on NW Broadway and Glisan. Details here.