The Goodfoot presents Keenan Havens
  • The Goodfoot
  • The Goodfoot presents Keenan Havens

Tonight is the Last Thursday artwalk over on NE Alberta Street and it sounds like there's a decent range within the openings offered. From the brainy circus of Appendix Space and their new partners at the Little Field Gallery, to the folky illustrations of Guy Burwell at Screaming Sky Gallery, there's a whole lot going on. Plus, there're a few straggler events tomorrow at Land Gallery and Grass Hut, in case you can't make it out tonight.

After the jump: Together Gallery's In Between Time is made up of installations and paintings by Jesse Reno, Ryan Bubnis, Jonathan Edelhuber, Ryan De La Hoz, and Deth P. Sun; Blowhole is a solo effort by Lisa Beyer, presented in Together's Project Space; Ampersand is showing anonymous naked-lady doodles from the 60s; the Container Corps is hosting the release party for Melody Owen's The Disappearing Book; Goodfoot is showing Chuck Bloom, David Stein, Michael Fields, and Keenan Havens; and there's the aforementioned Appendix Space, Little Field, and Screaming Sky shows. Is your head spinning yet? Read on for the wheres and the whens, as well as some preview images.

Nathan Dinihanian and Molly Cooney-Mesker at Appendix Space
  • Nathan Dinihanian and Molly Cooney-Mesker at Appendix Space

Appendix Project Space (accessed off NE Alberta St, down the south alley between 26th and 27th Ave) reopens tonight for their 2010 season, and in traditional Appendix fashion the garage will house an installation— this time around, the install is a collaborative effort by "site-specific furniture designer" Nathan Dinihanian, and social practice artist Molly Cooney-Mesker. Though there are some new twists to Appendix. First off there's Hay Batch!, the just-built performance space in the Appendix alley. It's being curated by Matthew Green and their first show is at 8 pm tonight. The press release says that the show, Joseph's Boyz: Boyz Night Out, will "teach u about uploaded barbecues, organic traffic jams, hummus delivery and mandatory parties./ extreme Gore-tex solutions, Blue Ray bandages, [and] IPA splints," standing on the premise that "everyone is an artist." I'll be there... (and I'm not sure I know why?)

Additionally, Appendix recently announced their curatorial collaboration with Little Field Gallery, neighbor and fellow art garage (also accessed off NE Alberta, though down the north alley between 28th and 29th). Opening tonight, Little Field's For Real "attempts to pull the question of the gallery's relationship to digital work into conversation with the developing crowd of viral-curators, image dumpers, digital image makers and programmers." The press release also states "[computers], networks, screens, and links" will explore "viral replication, digital image curation, pixel work, and interactivity." (Contributors include Zachary Davis and Josh Pavlacky of Appendix, as well as Future Death Toll, and Tabor Robak— which is one letter away from being a palindrome.)

In Between Time at Together Gallery
  • In Between Time at Together Gallery

Together Gallery, located at 2916 NE Alberta, is presenting In Between Time. As I said earlier, it's a group show of installations and paintings by Jesse Reno, Ryan Bubnis, Jonathan Edelhuber, Ryan De La Hoz, and Deth P. Sun. DJ Bad Wizard and DJ Fantastic Fax will be spinning from 6-11 pm.

Blowhole at Togethers Project Space
  • Blowhole at Together's Project Space

Together's website says that in their back room (recently dubbed the Project Space) Lisa Beyer is showing Blowhole, "a new set of whale inspired pen and watercolor drawings." Beyer is taking Blowhole as an opportunity to release a new zine and mixtape. That also runs from 6-11 pm.

Trace Fantasy at Ampersand
  • Ampersand
  • Trace Fantasy at Ampersand

Next door to Together, Ampersand is showing anonymous doodles of naked ladies from the 60s in Trace Fantasy. According to the press release, the mostly girl-on-girl nude tracings were found in "a box amid amateur erotic Polaroids from the 1960s, pinup magazines from the same period & unsigned manuscript pages of erotic pulp-like stories." It's a peep show into an anonymous pulpster's fantasy. The opening runs from 6-10 pm and there will be free beer from Ninkasi Brewing.

Folks 1,2,3 at Screaming Sky Gallery
  • Screaming Sky Gallery
  • Folks 1,2,3 at Screaming Sky Gallery

Down the street at 1416 NE Alberta Screaming Sky Gallery is presenting the ubiquitous poster artist and illustrator, Guy Burwell, in Folks 1,2,3— it's a collection of cartoony portraits and the opening runs from 6-9 pm.

The Disappearing Book by Melody Owen
  • Container Corps
  • The Disappearing Book by Melody Owen

Off the Alberta strip, Container Corps (1322 N Killingsworth St.) is throwing a release party for The Disappearing Book by Melody Owen. Owen introduces the book:

This book attempts to address the marvelous nature of some of the many things that are disappearing from the world. [...] I gathered a random collection from the red list (a comprehensive site categorizing endangered and vulnerable plants and animals) and presented this much smaller list to an invited group of artists and writers, asking them to explore whichever topic they liked in whatever manner they deemed appropriate.

Some Disappearing Book contributors include "artist/illustrator Carson Ellis, author Kevin Sampsell, and musician Nick Jaina." That starts at 7 pm, and there's more free beer from Ninkasi Brewing over there.

The Goodfoot presents David Stein
  • The Goodfoot
  • The Goodfoot presents David Stein

Also outside the Alberta area, The Goodfoot (2845 SE Stark) will host an opening reception from 4-11 pm for some of my favorite painters and illustrators from around town: Michael Fields, Keenan Havens, David Stein, and Chuck Bloom.

Land Gallery presents Sarah Utter
  • Land Gallery
  • Land Gallery presents Sarah Utter

Additionally, there's a loner opening at Land Gallery (3925 N Mississippi Ave) on Friday night from 6-9 pm that I think you guys might be interested in: from 8-9 pm Mecca Normal will be performing "Blue Sky and Branches," an original piece of music inspired by the art of Sarah Utter— creator of "Reading is sexy" paraphernalia— whose prints will be on display.

And don't forget the Grass Hut closing party for their 811 E Burnside location, which is tomorrow night as well.