Billed as a "wild and sexy new space musical for those who happen to be groovy," the campy new sci-fi musical "Wild Space A Go Go" is both ridiculous and irresistible. Based on the science fiction movies of the '60s, female cast members don bouffants, stilettos, and white vinyl while engaging in choreographed dance moves and clandestine, sexually-charged dialogue.

Set in 2310, Barbarette (played by LisaMarie Harrison) is a scorned woman who flees Earth in a heat of rage. Exiling herself to Tri-eX, a planet populated by busty blonde fembots called the "Pretties," Barbarette is rejected for her crow's feet and "marks of the stretch" and sent to the Ugl-I dimension where she finds a crew of misfit women who have also been cast away from Tri-eX for their physical imperfections. Amidst the madness and dimension-hopping, Barbarette and cadet Wally Wallace, an effeminate and flamboyant member of the search party sent from Earth to find her, fall into an unintentional interplanetary body swap, setting forth a series of identity crises and sexual innuendos.

Embers Avenue is clearly more a bar than it is a theater, so visibility can be limited if you're not sitting front-and-center in one of the five seats facing the stage. However, known for its strong drinks and convivial atmosphere, Embers' character complements the nature of the show and the actors utilize the space well.

Though the entire lineup is exceptionally talented, Leah Yorkston is easily the most underutilized member of the cast, with her one solo, "Lead Us To the Pretty Land," being the most surprising and captivating of the 13 original musical numbers featured in the show.

The sexual overtones are unmasked and blatant, which is what makes "Wild Space A Go Go" so unorthodox and charming. The plot is incontestably silly, but the show is fun and never takes itself too seriously. The things that make "Wild Space A Go Go" seem absurd end up being its primary selling points.

"Wild Space A Go Go" runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through May 30th at Embers Avenue.

110 NW Broadway. Friday, Saturday at 7 pm, Sunday at 2pm. $22-28