Your highway is my crosswalk: SE Foster safety protest, Nov. 2009
  • "Your highway is my crosswalk": SE Foster safety protest, Nov. 2009
A 54-year-old man named Jeffrey Paul Waldrop was struck and killed by a car last night on SE 65th and Foster, just 20 blocks away from where a young Portland women was struck and killed on Foster in November.

After Lindsey Leonard died on Foster last fall, the mayor promised to improve the crosswalk where she was struck. Better lighting and some other improvements have gone in, but obviously Foster is still an unsafe street.

The driver involved in Waldrop's death was driving a Ford pickup and police do not suspect he was drunk or speeding. However, KGW notes that Waldrop was wearing dark clothing, so maybe the crash was his fault because he did not wear the prescribed head-to-toe fluorescent safety jumpsuit required to cross SE Foster.

Seriously, though, my sympathies go out to Waldrop's friends and family. No one should die just crossing the street.