The Visions and Voices program develops the work of high-school students, giving them the venue to write their own plays. Tonight Portland Center Stage hosts an evening of staged readings of the best student-written plays an monologues of the 2009-2010 series, and it's totally free. I wrote a play in high school. It was called "Broccoli." It was about four people sitting around a table, deciding whether or not to eat a piece of invisible broccoli. I can't remember if they ate it or not.

These student-written plays will be better than that, I promise. From the press release:

Come check out what ideas are mulling around in the heads of our local teens. I promise you will be shocked by stories containing brutal honesty, filled with joy from stories of hope, and belly laugh to absurd comedy. The local professionals mentoring, directing and performing include Paul Glazier, Val Landrum, Michael O’Connell, Chris Murray, Laura Faye Smith and Mathew B. Zrebski. The event is free and those who show up early will get the best seats. Hope to see you there.

Portland Center Stage, 128 NW 11th, tonight, 7 pm, FREE