You'll recall: Several issues ago the I, Anonymous entitled "I Don't Like Your Hitler 'Stache" sparked some pretty strongly worded discussion in the comments. At one point a letter was sent to the Mercury implying that the mustachioed gentleman in question was in physical danger. "I know the person behind the moustache personally and he is truly concerned for his safety after reading this," the letter reads. And while strongly worded discussions about Hitler moustaches could go on forever, the original Anonymous writer wanted to clarify his intentions on that particular point:

Don't worry about it. I still think you're a dick for the moustache, I was just going on a rant, which is the assumed purpose of I, Anonymous. You're fine, dude, I was just pissed off. So: I apologize if you got worried. Sorry. You're going to be A-OK.

Or he could just shave.