So I went to two kid birthday parties in April, and both had piñatas. (Don't ask me why I'm going to kid birthday parties if you don't want to know!!) Anyway, many of the grown-ups were grumbling about the piñatas, complaining that they drag perfectly good parties to a screaming halt (since most kids aren't strong enough to bust the pinata, and it takes forever), and/or they're super dangerous (because someone almost always nearly gets brain trauma from a stray swing of the bat).

On the other hand, other grown-ups think they're super fun, a tip o' the sombrero to our neighbors south of the border, and that there are too many goddamn safety rules placed on kids already.

Sooooo… what do YOU think? Let's play "Overrated, Underrated, or Rated!" (Remember: If you vote "rated" you mean that the subject in question is just as awesome or awful as people think it is, therefore it is not over or under.) Check out our last "Overrated, Underrated, or Rated" about Allen Ginsberg for another example.
Ready? Okay, let's do this!!


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