Police sealed off six blocks near Lloyd Center.
  • Police sealed off six blocks near Lloyd Center.
Police responded to two fatal shootings this evening, one involving an officer near Lloyd Center and one in Southeast where officers arrived to find a man dead at the scene.

Information about the officer-involved shooting near Lloyd Center is thin. One thing is for sure: on his first day as the new police chief, Mike Reese is certainly being put to the test.

Here's what we know, according to the police account:

At about 6:30 pm, police pulled over an African-American at NE 6th and Clackamas. "A man inside the car started fighting with officers," police spokeswoman Mary Wheat told The Oregonian, "He pulled out a handgun and shot one of the officers. The officers returned fire and shot and killed a suspect at the scene."

As the sun set tonight, a black body bag lay on the NE Clackamas asphalt and the officer remained in care at Legacy Emanuel hospital.

Chief Mike Reese turned up at the scene quickly, followed by Mayor Sam Adams, who chose today to take the police bureau away from Commissioner Dan Saltzman. I'm certainly wondering what the mayor thinks of his decision now that he's at the helm while the police deal with the third fatal officer shooting this year. Of course, the mayor tweeted his thoughts regularly during the crisis, writing at just past 7 PM, "Heartbreaking scene of dead young man on sidewalk; awaiting Medical Examiner to arrive; sad."

Members of the Baptist church on the corner were preparing for choir practice when shots rang out. Some say they counted 16 police cars zip by as the call went out over the police scanner that an officer was down. More information will be released tomorrow, say the police.

Meanwhile, police responded tonight to another fatal shooting at 6 PM out at SE 74th and Steele. Police officers say they responded to a call regarding a "subject down in the street" in the area of S.E. 74th Avenue and S.E. Steele Street. Officers arrived and discovered the body of a deceased adult male and made one arrest.

What a night.