Good Morning, Shitstorm! In case you missed it, Mayor Sam Adams took control of the police bureau, firing Chief Rosie Sizer and stripping the bureau from Commissioner Saltzman at yesterday morning's press conference. All together now: Ouch! And Yay!

Traffic Stop Leaves Man Dead, Officer Wounded: Not six hours into his new job, Police Chief Mike Reese grapples with the third fatal officer-involved shooting this year. Check out Sarah's complete coverage—she's all over it.

Oh, and by the way, a witness to the officer-involved shooting recorded the whole incident on her iPhone—after which the police quickly confiscated it, of course.

And the hits just keep on coming! Meanwhile, a second (NOT involving officers) shooting last night in Portland left one man dead on a SE sidewalk. GAH!

Meanwhile elsewhere, the Feds raided a number of homes in a desperate search for information on who funded the attempted Times Square bombing.

A leader in the Thailand anti-government protests was shot in the head during an interview on the street.

Former First Lady Laura Bush backs gay marriage AND abortion. (Nice work keeping your lip buttoned all those years.)

Actor David "Angel" Boreanaz boinked Tiger's mistress Rachel Uchitel, and here are the hilariously ugly texts. (Both of them are monsters.)

Here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: SUN! 76 today, 78 tomorrow and a gorgeous weekend ahead. BUT! Showers return early next week, so enjoy it while you got it.

And finally, you really, REALLY do not want to hire this DJ for your next wedding. That is unless you're in the market for a "booby boxer." NO, HE DIDN'T!!