ROBIN HOOD I never thought I'd be all, "Man, I really need to see a Kevin Costner movie right this second so I can forget about that Ridley Scott movie I just watched," but that's exactly what I said after enduring Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. On a less depressing note, Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts recommends some of Scott's better films.

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP The new film from Banksy wasn't screened for local critics—in fact, it wasn't until Tuesday that they even bothered to let us know it was going to open in Portland. We swiped a review from Jen Graves at our sister paper the Stranger (her whole piece is here), but hey, distributors? When you're opening a super-anticipated movie that has really good buzz and that a ton of people want to see, you might wanna let critics see it and/or give people more than three days' notice that it's coming to town.

NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT PERSIAN CATS Think being in your band is tough? Try being in one in Iran. Crybaby.

FIELD GUIDE TO NOVEMBER DAYS What? A local film shot (almost) entirely by bike? No!

JUST WRIGHT Queen Latifah makes me sad.

LETTERS TO JULIET Remember when Gael García Bernal was in good movies?

More, as ever, in our Film Shorts and Movie Times. More importantly, THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM HAS CANCELED CHRISTMAS!