In this week's Last Supper, we explore the backwoods Southern goodness of Hillbilly Bento. The name? Ugh. The food? Delicious.

As I point out in the story, there's a reason I fell for this little hole-in-the-wall on the downtown bus mall: Memories of North Carolina pulled pork. It was quite an unexpected experience to be sitting at the small bar in Hillbilly Bento, suddenly awash in recollections of a busy kitchen in a dilapidated plantation house surrounded by tobacco fields.

In some respects the experience was soothing simply because that food, at that moment in my life, was exactly what I needed. In other ways those memories are sad because that family wasn't mine, and now they're gone forever. Still, it's nice to know there' s somewhere I can go and connect back to that time and those people in such a big sensory way.

Tell me, Blogtownies, is there a food that looms large in your memories? Have you found a place where you can indulge those memories? Spill it in the comments, below.