Christina Lais says she happened to be standing on the porch of her house, smoking a cigarette, as tonight's officer-involved-shooting unfolded before her eyes. She shot the entire incident on her iPhone, which she says has been confiscated by police who wanted to download the video.

Lais' description of events is gripping:

I heard a loud siren and noticed a police car speeding toward another car which then pulled to a stop. The police immediately jumped out of their car and shouted for the individual to show his hands and get out of the car (I am not sure on the exact words). I was still on the phone at this point but it struck me as odd because the guy didn't seem to comply with the officers' orders. So I hung up the phone and started taking video of the incident on my iPhone.

At this point, there were officers at the driver side door with Tazers drawn. I heard some arguing. The cops tazed him a ton and he was shouting and screaming back. Then one shot was fired and then a whole shit ton of shots were fired. I ducked down and ran into my house. I put the camera on the windowsill so I could be in a safe place.

After some silence, I went back outside and saw the victim slumped half way out of the car, on the passenger side. There were 3 or 4 cops with bean bag guns drawn, asking him to show his hands or something. The victim appeared motionless to me. They shot him a few times with the bean bags. I think it was because they couldn't see his hands and weren't sure if he still had the gun. After that, I saw them drag the victim onto the sidewalk where I could see him clearly. He had blood on his shirt. I kept wondering why they weren't taking him to a hospital. The paramedics arrived and checked his vitals. I then saw all the police officers kind of shrug and turn around. That's when I knew it was over. There was a woman screaming and crying on the sidewalk. I don't know anything about her.

They just removed the body about an hour ago [11 PM]. He's been laying in plain sight from my front door for hours and hours.