The iPhone video of Wednesday's shooting has been leaked. This is a VIDEO OF A POLICE SHOOTING: warning, this is pretty intense.

Some Indonesian militants captured in recent police raids were apparently planning to kill their old friend Barry from socialist muslin school.

Police have begun shooting on protesters in Thailand.

NBC is reportedly pulling the plug on Law & Order. Just the original, though. Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Should we come up with a new idea or just keep going with this one?.... are all safe.

The spill in the Gulf Coast is way worse than BP told us. Wait, we were getting our numbers from BP? Also, the government has apparently given up on regulating off-shore drilling. Awesome.

According to info from the Cannes festival, where people seem to be having a lot of fun, Naomi Watts is slated to star as Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming film. The biopic will be based on Blonde, a controversial book in which Marilyn blows JFK while he's on the phone with Castro.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, of "don't fill out your census" fame, got her website hacked, causing viruses to be downloaded on the computer machines of those who visited the site yesterday.

An Idaho congressional candidate's website is full of plagiarisms from other candidate's and congresspeople's websites, including a section called "my roadmap legislation."

The Oregonian tracked down ousted Police Chief Rosie Sizer in her modestly decorated living room, where she sat on a couch with no shoes on.

And finally, for your consideration, this truly troubling video of a cat suckling air.