Comedy is growing in Grumptown. Every day it seems there's something added to the docket. The latest is a new monthly night at The Woods entitled Is That A Joke?

Something's afoot, however. Richard Bain was originally scheduled as headliner, but now The Woods website has removed him from Sunday's billing, replaced with Sean Jordan. No knocks on Jordon, but Bain is a killer, one of this city's top talents, one who's future as a pro looks brighter by the day. Here's hoping Richard shows up to kick off the new night.

None the less, it's just six bucks and there are plenty of talented comics on the bill, including the awkward Phill Schallberger and the pun-tastic Whitney Streed.

Is That A Joke?
8:00PM Sunday @ The Woods
Featuring Sean Jordan, Mikey Kampmann, Phill Schallberger, Whitney Streed, and hosted by Jesse McCoy.