Let's just say "Fans Making Films About Capcom Games" is the theme for this weekend, 'kay?

No sooner do I post the Mega Man thing than I find yet another fan made film about another Capcom franchise that also deserves all the pimping my journalistic abilities can muster.

Ladies and gents, I present to you Street Fighter: Legacy.

While that video window looks good, I urge all of you to click the video itself, then use YouTube's innate controls to watch the three minute, twelve second video in full screen, 1080p high-definition. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and when Ryu starts tossing Hadoukens and Ken launches into a fiery Shin Shoryuken, you'll get geeky chills up and down your spine.

Speaking of "geeky", both this video and the feature length Mega Man stand as evidence that if anyone is going to be making films about videogames it really ought to be these hyper-dedicated fans. If only some Hollywood suit would get this idea through their perfectly coiffed hair helmet and toss a few million in cash at one of these talented auteurs we might get to see what sort of magic they could produce with an actual budget.

If Jimmy Cameron can get half a billion dollars to remake Pocahontas with sexy cat people, then Eddie Lebron or the people behind Street Fighter: Legacy deserve a cool $10 million, if only so we can see what a quality videogame film looks like before the world is devoured by the Midgard serpent, or Quetzalcoatl, or John Goodman.