Today I accomplished my first real intern task, compiling campaign contributions for the major races for the election. I even used Excel!

Here you go, buddies:

Democratic Governor
Kitzhaber out-raised Bradbury by $912,000, impressive because Bradbury raised only $515,000.

Republican Governor
Both of the big guys raised over a million, but Dudley raised $1.67 million compared to Alley's measly $1.03 million. We're predicting Alley will overcome Dudley in a last-minute push.

Metro President
Rex Burkholder out-raised his rivals by various strides, raising $419,000 to Bob Stacey's $311,000 and Tom Hughes's $117,000.

Portland City Commissioner Position 3
There are a lot of people running for this, so I'm just going to put up a graph. Oh, and the numbers don't seem to include public money (of which Jesse Cornett got $150,000), only private donations. Saltzman chose to limit his donations to $150,000.

Good for you, Dan!
  • Angela Webber in Excel
  • Good for you, Dan!