IT'S ELECTION DAY!!! IT'S ELECTION DAY!!!! Find a place to drop off your ballot today.

The Thai Government dismisses proposed peace talks to end the civil conflict that's dividing the country.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said he "served in Vietnam." The New York Times called him out, saying he never went there. He responds.

...and in more hypocrite politician news, Republican State Congressman Mark Souder of Indiana will resign after revelations of an affair with a staffer. He's well-known as a supporter of abstinence education.

The US writes up a draft of sanctions on Iran.

And the Slick of Expanding Horror and Disbelief(TM) inches closer to the Loop Current, which will carry it around Florida and up the East Coast.

And finally........ Miss (Lebanese) USA didn't stay clean for long... pole-dancing photos emerge!!!

Go Miss USA! Go Miss USA!
  • Go Miss USA! Go Miss USA!