BlueOregon this morning excerpts a conversation with the new State Elections Director, Stephen Trout, in the Statesman-Journal.

They call out an interesting tidbit: Trout's is willing to explore changes to the voters' pamphlet. Currently, the newsprint book you get in the mail a few weeks before the election contains statements from each candidate, as well as paid-for arguments for and against each ballot measure. It's an inclusive set of viewpoints, but can be confusing as hell if you're trying to figure out who to vote for.


I'm interested in learning about the history and culture behind Oregon's publication. My goal, once this election is completed, is to do some polling and focus groups to learn how useful the current voters pamphlet is for voters. I do not want to prejudge it. I think we all have opinions on how useful it is. We're never going to satisfy everybody's needs. But I want to get some data to see what the public really thinks.

So what about you, public? What do you think? Do you just throw this thing out when you get it? Use it in your canary cage? Fire starter?