I paid my first visit of the night to Mary Volm's election-night party at Madison's Grill in inner Southeast. I was greeted at the door by Jasun Wurster, Volm's boyfriend and leader of the original Recall-Sam-Adams Movement. He led me upstairs where Volm was sitting with her family and a couple of close friends.

"I am expecting to cause a runoff [election in November] between Dan Saltzman and myself," says Volm. "I'm going to use the summer to talk directly with small business owners," she says, adding that her "back to the basics" campaign message (fix the sewers, anyone?) remains the same.


"Oh, yeah, the incumbent always wins, blah blah blah," I hear Volm saying across the room. "Waiting for the results is always the hardest part."

Indeed it is. Best of luck, Mary—I'm off to see Nick and Rex. Stay tuned.

(oh, and you can see Mary's hors-d'oeuvres platters after the jump.)