Stacey spoke at no great length, though he did get to stab a bit about the CRC: "This has been a campaign about choosing the right future for our region... a future in which we protect our communities, and our tax dollars, from over-planned, over-built transportation projects that don't solve problems and in fact make those problems worse."

And his expectations about what the results will yield once we have them all: "I expect that we are going to have the opportunity to take this campaign on and seek victory outright in November."

At the end of Stacey's speech, Steve Novick jumped up on to a chair and made the following statement:

"Tonight, Bob Stacey rocked down to electric avenue. And in November, he will take it higher."

When I walked past the election office on the way to my car from Stacey's party, there were still people inside counting ballots. Three cheers for democracy, and good night, Blogtownies!