I arrive at the Rose Garden happy to see that parking is free for the night. I am greeted by many a eyebrow raising smile and ushered into a large room that smells like strong perfume and hair gel.

It's 7:40 and there is no Chris Dudley yet. I can tell by the amount of camera and laptops around I'm going to have a tough time trying to get some one on one with the tall as hell candidate.

Oh and no free booze here either. Is it a sign of the times? Or is this just a Republican thing? I think for a moment that I could cough up the change for a beer but then remember: I'm in the Rose Garden. Last time I bought a beer here it was like $60. Let's see what the food spread is like instead.
Ah man, the only thing they have out is basically the goldfish equivalent to chex mix. Guess I'm just gonna have to bide my timed until the big guy comes out.

7:50 - the old school blazer announcer Bill Schonely just came onstage to tell us that we were going to be waiting awhile longer for an appearance from Dudley. And said that the anticipation to hear from "the next governor of Portland" was building. Also, thought it was kind of funny that he spoke for Dudley saying that "the numbers for Multnomah County might be a little weak" but that "Chris has all the other areas covered."

8:12 - still no Dudley. And I am really effin bored. Ah screw it! $9 beer, here I come.