Over on his half of the p:ear space on NW 6th Avenue, Nick Fish has been holding the quieter party compared to Rex Burkholder's hip soiree. The numbers are in, and Fish has clinched it. He's giving his victory speech right now.

Fish told me he was "hoping to win," not expecting to—and he called out Matt Davis for being a little overly optimistic in his predictions.

The space is open, airy and modern; it's usually used for tutoring disadvantaged youth. And the little nooks and crannies went to good use:

Fish learns that hes won the vote
  • Fish learns that he's won the vote

"Tonight, a child will go to bed hungry, a family will sleep outside on the streets of our city, and somebody you and I know will give up trying to find a job," says Fish in his victory speech. He quotes Lincoln: "The occasion is piled with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion... Tomorrow, I go back to work humbled by this victory," says Fish.