"I was really hoping to have a little bit longer party. But somebody implemented this vote-by-mail system in Oregon. And damn if you don't get the results quickly." That was Bill Bradbury, being 37 different kinds of charming and cute in his concession speech. "Thunderous Applause" was the theme of the evening. Though things got kind of quiet when Bill encouraged his supporters to cast their votes in Kitzhaber's favor this November. Maybe they were all clapped out.

Bill and his supporters seemed especially proud of one thing; the majority of his campaign contributions were made by individuals, ages 14 - 93, averaging $25 each. I wonder how many of those $25 contributions went towards Mercury photographer Eliza Sohn's apparent chicken hor d'oeuvres addiction. Seriously. She just left and now there's an embarrassing pile of skewer sticks in front of me.

Safe for ages 14 - 93!
  • Safe for ages 14 - 93!

Oh well. I certainly look forward to John "Catastrophically Boring" Kitzhaber vs Chris "$9 Beer" Dudley come November.