Well well.

Not only homosexuals are in season, of course, but all manner of queer and allied-sexuals are approaching our favored time for fun and attention! Come out, all you Lesbiansexuals! Transsexuals! The ever-elusive bisexuals! Others! That's right - Pride season is here again, people.

I'm back for a second season now to act as your guide for all things pride, and not just the awkwardly-routed Portland Pride festivities and parade (really? - the 2010 Pride Parade route snakes through the Pearl and Old Town and doesn't go further south than SW Pine?). I'll be previewing all the rad Pride month offerings from the increasingly-awesome Portland Latino Gay Pride (June 2-6) to Beartown 15 (June 10-13 - woof!), Portland Black Pride (June 11-15) and the mothership herself, Portland Pride (June 19-20). There's block parties, radical performance, underground events and even - wait for it - Blake Lewis in concert!

... umm, who? Oh - yeah.


(wasn't he once on American Idol or something? didn't he previously refute being gay? is he gay now? if he's not gay is he kind of becoming a gay icon then, by performing at all these gay events and stuff? DOES ANYBODY CARE ABOUT BLAKE LEWIS?!?!?)

Anyhow. Welcome back to Pride season. There will be blood. There will be glitter. And you know there will be drama. The Merc's Queer Issue hits the streets June 17. Buckle up.