The Democratic Party of Oregon has unveiled its ready-made website slamming Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley. The site,, focuses on the former NBA player's lack of detailed proposals. (WW noticed it last night.) "Throughout the campaign we've been trying to figure out exactly what Chris Dudley stands for," the website says, and it provides little video gems like this one:

The Democrats had the site waiting in the bag to be unleashed after a Dudley primary win—records show that the domain was registered in late March.

I've got a call in to the DPO asking for information about the anti-Alley site that they surely had ready to go. I wonder if they made one for John Lim? Sizemore? Records show that one other domain was registered by the DPO in late March... and it starts with an O. To learn more I need to pay $200, which Editor in Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey thinks is a terrible idea.