A new invader has come to our shores! Beware, my fellow Oregonians, the deadly Sea Squirt!

Invader from Japan
  • Invader from Japan
The Sea Squirt, or Didemnum vexillum, is an invasive species, a "colonial tunicate" that smothers shellfish beds and coats boats and water structures. It coats them like a jelly, and according to Fox News looks like a "vile secretion." Ew.

The species was found in Oregon in February in small quantities, and is showing up along the coast more and more. This is "very scary," according to scientists. The Sea Squirt is one of the top 100 invasive species we don't want in Oregon. That's right, there's a list, you should see if you're on it.

There are plans to start taking out the organisms this summer. Experts hope to eradicate it in the next 3-5 years. Sea Squirts are native to Japan, and no one really knows how they got here (I suspect it might have something to do with the boats).

The Sea Squirt is a national and international nuisance tracked by scientists, and there's a whole field there if you are looking for a career change...a field with a conference...


Sea Squirt. Sea Squirt. You know, it's really no wonder the Oregonian didn't use that phrase in their article about the species. Though they did end by saying to "contact the invasive species hot line at 1-866-INVADER if you find a suspicious organism." You can also post below.