Election night was filled with laffs, tears, and for Jesse Cornett—A LOT OF TEARS. Check out the highlights of our all-encompassing election night coverage here, here, here and especially HERE.

Meanwhile across the country, incumbents didn't fair so well. Long time senator Arlen Specter was given the boot, and tea bagger Rand Paul rode a wave of hillbilly paranoia to victory in Kentucky.

Across the world, the Thai government learns why you shouldn't say "calm down" while firing grenades and assault weapons at thousands of protesters.

Key West is confused by the sudden appearance of tar balls. Not funny, you guys.

More random (?) school attacks in China! But this time the assailants went after college students with meat cleavers.

Pakistan shuts down Facebook
in their country after seeing a page which encourages people to post pictures of Muhammad. NO FACEBOOK? WHATEVER SHALL WE DO??

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Windy with a storm brewin' this afternoon, but a slightly—SLIGHTLY—drier week ahead.

And finally, be glad that this isn't happening in your neck of the woods—BUT THE DAY IS STILL YOUNG. A massive hail storm in Oklahoma beats the ever-loving shit out of a family pool. Turn down the volume and get ready to yell, "HOLY SHIT" about a minute in.