The New York Times writes today that chefs are using marijuana. To which I say, “No-to-the-fucking-shit.” The article rests heavily on quotes from Anthony Bourdain who suggests many modern culinary concepts come from cannabis sucking kitchen staff: the weird hot dog, foie poutine, and other various and sundry fatty grubbing oddities.

They’re calling it “Haute stoner cuisine.” Sure. Fine.

But this is the paragraph that caught my eye:

The chefs and restaurateurs Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo said most of their projects — going to Sicily to import olive oil to sell at their two Frankies Spuntino restaurants; the concept for their Brooklyn restaurant Prime Meats; even a new restaurant planned for Portland, Ore. — were conceived with the creative help of marijuana.

Stoner sez what? These two guys are making some waves on the East Coast with their two quite reasonably priced Frankies Spuntino restaurants and the newer farm-to-table style Prime Meats. They’ve also been featured by the NYT before, most notably here.

The place could possibly be in collaboration with Stumptown’s Duane Sorensen who’s been working with the chef duo in Brooklyn, NY, at Café Pedlar. But then again, the last thing Portland needs now is another café. So, will we be seeing a Prime Meats type joint in our fair city sometime in the near future? I’ve got calls out for more info. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out the Franks and Frankies Sputino on VBS.TV's aptly named Munchies