Hey, remember the movie Valentine's Day? It came out last year when the recession forced Hollywood to merge all of 2009's romantic comedies/dramas into one film we all can enjoy/tolerate? Marjorie Skinner praised it's characters who "aren't on screen long enough [for you] to get annoyed with them"? It starred JessicaAlbaKathyBatesJessicaBielJamieFoxxAshtonKutcherQueenLatifahEtc.? Right! Now you remember!

Well, the celebrity dogpile may have a new alpha. Valentine's Day director Garry Marshall is being pressured to include current it-boy, Justin Bieber in its sequel, New Year's Eve, though he admits he has no idea what a Justin Bieber is. Up until now Bieber's only acting roles have been as an randy young student opposite Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live and as someone who enjoys hanging out with Ellen Degeneres in real life. We'll see what happens to that youthful exuberance after twenty pratfalls off a chairlift into Queen Latifa's arms.

Justin Bieber being played by a guitar
  • Justin Bieber being played by a guitar