Look out, fat cats: the Senate passed a wide-reaching bill to oversee Wall Street.

A Chinese professor got arrested for swinging, something that is apparently a pretty big thing over there.

Oh Jesus. Everything is going so, so wrong in the Gulf. Not even the cleanup is right, at all.

Heil? For some reason, people find an Italian clothing line's use of Hitler in advertising offensive. Figure that one out.

The Mexican president spoke in front of Congress about Arizona's immigration law, and called it racial profiling.

Lindsey Lohan avoided arrest by being rich. Good for her.

Malawi sentenced a gay couple to 14 years in jail. The country receives 40 percent of its government budget from the US and Europe. Oops.

Texting can improve your health. I knew it.

Feed on the animals: a Chinese zoo serves up hippo, kangaroo and deer penis to its visitors.

In Oregon: a ballot measure would create a system of medical marijuana dispensaries.

It's going to rain. All weekend. Sad face.