Since it has been making the rounds since its debut yesterday, we might as well post the full version of Nike's (courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy, of course) stunning "Write The Future" World Cup video. The premise is pretty basic—winners will be remembered for their accomplishments, while history is less kind to those who fail in soccer's biggest event—yet the video is remarkable to watch.

If the Nike and W+K connection isn't enough, watch for another local connection, as one of the "what-if" sequences features Kobe Bryant burying a game winning jumper over a totally fictitious Portland Trail Blazers team (as Blazer bloggers were quick to point out, that team in the commercial was wearing headbands, something coach Nate McMillan does not allow). Still this video makes me want to buy Nikes and play soccer, so I guess it's pretty effective.

It took two days and I am already stepping on Brian Costello's beat. Sorry.