• MacGruber

THE SQUARE Sometimes it takes a stuntman to show Hollywood how to do everything better.

MACGRUBER Surprise! MacGruber is great! (Suck it, Pat and Stuart.)

SHREK FOREVER AFTER They're claiming that this will be the last one. Yeah, right. (Also, if you lost a bet and you're planning on inflicting Shrek 4 upon yourself, you might want to start saving up.)

MOTHER AND CHILD At long last, a film that shows us just how fucked up and worthless adoption is. Hey, wait a minute!

THE EXPLODING GIRL Once again, a boring-sounding movie has a totally awesome-sounding title.

PRINCESS KAIULANI Eh, not bad. Not great, either.

And while it's playing on HBO instead of in theaters, THE LAZARUS EFFECT is the latest from Lance Bangs. Sarah says it's definitely worth checking out. (Check out her complete interview with Bangs, too.)

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