In Matt's honor, a post criticizing some reporting from the Oregonian. Today there's this headline: "Taxi slams into pedestrian railing on Hawthorne Bridge."

The report quotes Multnomah County spokesman Mike Pullen, who told the paper that

The taxi was traveling westbound in the lane closest to the curb when it bounced back and forth in the lane, hopped onto the curb and damaged a 30-foot section of railing.
He said it was not clear from reports whether the incident happened on Saturday night or Sunday night. No one was injured.

Two things:

1) It happened on Sunday night, because I biked past the taxi stopped on the sidewalk, with a very nervous-looking driver talking to a police officer. I apologize for the lack of earlier coverage, but I figured the dude had been humiliated enough.

2) You couldn't find somebody to tell you when it happened?

Oy, now I sound like a commenter on OregonLive. I think it's my blood sugar. I'm going to go have lunch.