Gordon Freeman! Good to see you!
  • Valve Software
  • Gordon Freeman! Good to see you!

Are you an elitist Mac user who loves that the recently unveiled OS X version of Valve Software's Steam game distribution service is a huge step toward viable gaming on your electronic status symbol? Good news fellow Apple devotee: Today Valve added another happy smiley face to the service's list of pros: Half-Life 2, as well as Episode 1 and Episode 2 (the game's episodic continuation), are now available for download.

Like Portal, which was initially available the day Steam was released for Mac, there are some bugs in these new releases. None of the games run as well as they should, and a few bizarre quirks are present (for instance, you can't use your mouse's scroll wheel to change weapons while crouched in Half-Life 2), but as Valve was quick to patch Portal, I expect these bugs to be squashed quickly.

Keep in mind that since these games have only been available for a few hours now the servers are a bit slammed and downloading them might take a while. That wait should give you enough time to write Gabe Newell a thank you note.