Luckily, this TriMet update doesn't involve anyone getting hit by a bus. Or any bus lines being cut. This one's more fun. And geeky.

TriMet is partnering with mobile software company junaio to bring you an augmented-reality transit tracker app—another step in their efforts to make transit data app-friendly. The junaio app works on any iPhone 3GS or Android phone, and allows all kinds of agencies to make their datasets augmented-reality friendly.

Augmenta-wha? Essentially, you hold up your phone and look at it, and it shows what you would normally see (e.g. a street), superimposed with floating signs pointing you to the nearest bus stop.

So yeah, you'll look like a dweeb waving this thing around on a rainy sidewalk. But hey. We'll take all the good TriMet news we can get.