Another week, another Mercury music section to gently flip through while you are being lectured by your doctor about the dangers of headbanging. I for one hope the future is not full of elderly heshers in neck braces.

Talib Kweli teams up with DJ Hi-Tek for a new Reflection Eternal album. Now that he's done that, this means a Black Star reunion is next, right? Right? Oh god please say it is.

Reflection Eternal - "Midnight Hour" (feat. Estelle)

I might have been a little hard on MGMT, but have you actually heard Congratulations? It's so bad it hurts. I hope the hatemail I receive from MGMT fans is vowel-free.

MGMT - "Flash Delirium"

Now for a popular New York act that fails to disappoint, LCD Soundsystem. It's been a few weeks of constant play and This Is Happening still holds up. Now let's just hope James Murphy was kidding when he said it might be his last record.

LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change"

Citay are music geeks that make music for fellow music geeks. Need proof? How about a single paragraph that mentions Popol Vuh, Werner Herzog, Howlin Rain, Jan Hammer, and Mahavishnu Orchestra?

Citay - "Careful With That Hat"

End Hits: Three articles about New York bands? Our East Coast bias is very strong.