We think it's working? The oil spill is still stopped. But it could pick up again (that's what Rachel Maddow thinks). Maybe not, though! Guys?

The house voted to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell: so did the Senate peoples... the reversal needs to pass the joint chiefs now, and a bunch of other folks.

40 mistresses of Italian priests are asking the pope to scrap the celibacy rule. I wonder how they will convince him.

There's a gold vending machine in a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

65 are dead in a train crash in India suspected to be an attack by Maoist extremists.

Oregon's having a big garage sale, and has a $562 million $577 million hole in the budget. Next: car wash, bake sale, walk-a-thon.

The OLCC dude who stole a murdered Ohio boy's identity is actually named Doitchin Krasev, which is a movie villan name.

For your inspiration: this is a video of an 8-month-old deaf baby reacting to his cochlear implant being activated.