A grand jury convened to review the officer-involved-shooting of 25-year-old Keaton Otis has returned a verdict: no criminal liability on the part of police officers who fatally shot Otis after a traffic stop turned hostile.

This verdict is no surprise. The real interesting piece of the grand jury comes when (or if) the court releases the testimony the jury heard in making its decision.

The grand jury listened to 44 witnesses, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney. Their perspectives would add a lot of crucial detail to explain exactly what happened in Otis's death. The court will decide next week whether to make the witness testimony public record, as it did in the shootings of Aaron Campbell and Jackie Collins. Both Mayor Sam Adams and Chief Mike Reese have said they will push for making the transcripts public in the interest of transparency.

Chief Reese issued this statement:

"Now that the Grand Jury has concluded, we are in the process of redacting confidential information in the investigative reports, per public records law. Once this is completed next week we will release the reports as well as the 9-1-1 tapes. The District Attorney will release the transcripts from the Grand Jury once they are completed.

"I understand that the officer-involved shootings over the last several months have caused considerable concern in the community. Releasing the investigative reports and the Grand Jury transcripts will help answer some of the questions about this incident.