Memorial Day Weekend is 'sposed to be about remembering our country's fallen soldiers, but since Portland is a land of oft-naked anarchist pinko liberal commies, I figured you'd all rather remember how awesome Nintendo games used to be (well, again, I mean) via the magic of stop motion video, construction paper, candy bits (Gobstoppers maybe?) and a seemingly out of place iPhone.

Courtesy the video's creator, YouTube user bornforthis43, here's a description of the piece for those who just don't have three minutes and four seconds to actually watch it, but would hate to feel left out in case someone brings it up at a party this weekend:

This video took approximately 120+ hours to make, which is pretty much my entire classic rock playlist. About 7000+ pictures were taken. Games in order are Kirby's Adventure, Contra, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man 2, and Super Mario Bros.

Unsurprisingly, I dug the retro 8-bit music in the clip, and was pleasantly surprised when the Samus App went into Screw Attack mode, but I have one question: Is Mega Man firing Percocet at Flash Man?

Get equipped with narcotic analgesic?

(Propers to Geekologie)