Memorial Day Weekend: cookouts, American flags, beginning of summer, sale sale sales! . . . soccer.

The Portland Timbers go into this all-American weekend of barbeques and burgers with nary a victory to show for their May 2010 campaign. The forwards keep hitting the post, the midfield has been uneven at best, and the defense have had an alarming propensity to feel generous to the opposition—especially late in games. In short, the team is out of whack.

Every single one of those stars is for a championship. No need to count. Its a lot.
  • Every single one of those stars is for a championship. Don't bother counting. It's a lot.
Solution? Bring in Argentina’s Club Atlético Boca Juniors—one of the most decorated soccer clubs in the world—to play an exhibition match and hope the Timbers get their kinks worked out. The trick is, Boca Juniors have won 41 domestic and international tournaments, produced among the finest Argentine players ever, have some of the world's most energetic fans, and enjoy one of the the game's fiercest rivalries with cross-town River Plate. For sporting comparison’s sake, the New York Yankees have “only” 27 World Series Championships. It is safe to say that Boca Juniors know a thing or two about futbol.

What better way to celebrate a patriotic American weekend than with a game of soccer? Tickets start at $19.

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Given Boca's excellent pedigree, Head Coach Gavin Wilkinson will further his chemistry experiments this weekend in hopes of finding an explosively victorious solution. Boca released their travel roster and sadly, the excellent Juan Román Riquelme is injured and Martin Palermo is off, you know, prepping for some tournament called the World Cup with the Argentine National Team. Still, with players like Primera División league veteran Matías Giménez and Jesús Mendez making magic, it should make for an exciting match. Yes, it’s an exhibition and does not count in the standings, but for Timbers players striving for playing time and auditioning for next year’s MLS roster, a strong showing against one of the world's most famous teams sure wouldn’t hurt.

And a win is a win is a win. The Timbers would take it.

Other recent soccer related news:

-Portland midfielder Lil’ Alex Nimo was on the front cover of Yahoo recently trying to drag off a Crystal Palace Baltimore player faking injury. There is no pity in the Rose City.
-The Timbers announced today a new exhibition match against Mexico’s famous Club Atlas on June 11. No word yet on whether other members of Greek mythology will be on the active roster.
-The US Men’s National Team announced its roster this week for that aforementioned little tournament happening in June called the World Cup. Two Oregon connections on the team with former University of Portland Pilot Steve Cherundolo on defense and ex-Oregon State star Robbie Findley surprising many and making the team. Keep an eye on Findley as the USA will need some creativity up front.
-I’ll have more World Cup info, preview-ish thoughts, and outdoor match viewing party locations as we get closer to kick off on June 11.