A $10 million criminal investigation of BP by feds has begun. And it seems like BP may have hired some people to act like workers for Obama's visit to the coast yesterday.

The Malawi President has pardoned the gay couple that was jailed for 14 months, after pressure was put on the country by aid givers.

The U.S. military is exploring options for a unilateral strike in Pakistan, after the Times Square bombing was traced back to tribal areas of the country.

The House passed a toned-down $90 million jobs bill last night, so now everyone will have jobs, and should vote for Democrats in November. K guys?

In other national news, a trend has emerged of boys hitting each other in the balls and posting video of it on the internet.

Dennis Hopper died of cancer.

Oregon high schools are producing more nerdy girls than ever.

Homeowners who put solar panels on their house will be paid premium rates for the power they generate, thanks to a new Oregon plan.

The Christian Science Monitor is the best newspaper ever because of this slideshow.

And we should watch the skies for... Iron Baby!

Have a good weekend, folks. Check out the Rose Festival, if that's your thing—I went on the swings and it was glorious.