The top kill failed.

They're trying another containment dome in 4-7 days. It will probably fail. We might be looking at another two months of 12-20,000 barrels a day.

Surprise! Processed food tastes like "warmed-over" shit without all the salt they pump into it.

A storm in Central America kills at least 16.

An aid flotilla is en route to blockaded Gaza under Israeli scrutiny. Here: compare Israeli and Arab news reports.

Admiral Mike Mullen—a supporter of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tellsays further review is needed before we commit to having the gayest army ever enlisted.

Nuclear fish? Just another ordinary day in the Connecticut River.

LOCAL NEWS! The Oregonian finds a New Seasons co-founder up to the overalls in shit.

Turns out that Doitchin Krasev—a.k.a. master chess player with a Jersey accent—a.k.a. "Jason Evers"—just wanted to seek freedom in the U.S. You know, build a better life (with the name of a dead 3-year-old). If it's a crime to pursue the American dream? Guilty as charged.

And now: