As reported yesterday, the "Top Kill" didn't exactly kill the gulf oil leak, and now, the heat's not only on for BP, but the Obama administration as well.

Israeli forces storm a ship carrying aid to Palestinians in Gaza, killing nine.

Meanwhile Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the armed commandos who stormed the aid ship were "under attack" and "acted in self defense." UH-HUH.

The mom of an Indonesia toddler who smokes can't seem to make him quit, saying, "Well, I don't want to give him cigarettes, but what I am I supposed to do? I am confused." Wow. That is a conundrum.

"Celine Dion pregnant again at last — with twins." NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Guillermo Del Toro is no longer directing the two movies based on "The Hobbit." Nerds of the world: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Rain, showery, rain, showery, rain, showery, rain.

And finally, if you would like the popularity of Twilight explained to you in hilarious, animated fashion... well, here you go!