If there was one thing the developers of Shaq Fu forgot when they decided to shoehorn the NBA's most notable behemoth into a 16-bit fighting game, it was almost certainly the homoeroticism. Where were the sweaty man hugs? The thinly veiled allusions to oral sex? The "combat" that any other workplace would view as sexual harassment?

Luckily, the overwhelming popularity of the UFC has given O'Neal a second chance to show off his fisticuff-cum-dude-gropin' skills. Have a look:

I don't want to offend any of the rabid UFC fans (who are no doubt already typing out long screeds claiming I "just don't understand the technical mastery" blah blah blah), so instead I will attempt to be positive about the sport.

Here goes:

Guys, that was totally fucking hot, right? Did you see that one dude almost kiss that other dude? I've got like, six boners.

Um, did I do it right?