The future of soda? No thanks.
  • The future of soda? No thanks.

Coca-Cola has begun distributing a new soda fountain machine called the Coca-Cola Freestyle. The machine features over 100 different flavors of soda and promises to provide "the ultimate soda experience."

Comes in three rad colors.
  • Comes in three rad colors.
I know what you are thinking: "100 choices? That doesn't seem like much at all!" Lucky for you the fun doesn't end at 100. The machine features "microdosing technology" which allows you to mix and match as many flavors as you want in order to create a super-beverage even more unpalatable than the sum of its parts. Diet-orange-coke-grape-fanta-regular-vanilla-coke-sprite-zero on the rocks? Coming right up!

The Freestyle's Facebook page claims the machine "turns ordinary users into expert mixologists." If by "ordinary users" they mean "fat people with bad taste" and by "expert mixologists" they mean "fatter people with worse taste" then yeah, I guess the machine does do that. If you are into that sort of thing, look for the Coke Freestyle at a fast food restaurant near you sometime soon. Via NYDailyNews.

Here is a video of some "soda nerd" getting overly excited about the machine: