Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Boat, Imprisons 600 Activists: Israel is flexing its muscle, but Egypt and even the UN say Israel screwed up this time.

Adding Injury to Insult: After seizing the aid ship, an Isreali air strike kills five Palestinians. The Guardian is live blogging the crisis, proving absolutely anything can be liveblogged.

W... T... F? The oil spill could continue till August.

Facing Foreclosure? Stop Paying Your Mortgage. Financial advise from Florida pest exterminators.

Portland: Not the Best City in the World. That honor, according to Experts, goes to Vienna.

Ted Koppel's Son Dies: The newscaster's 40-year-old son is found dead after a night of drinking lots of Jameson.

Oh Noes, Hobbit Nerds! Guillermo del Toro announces he's quitting the JRR Tolkien movie.

Los Angeles With No Cars: Presented by GOOD and the magic of photoshop.

No Farms, No Food: Oregon small farmers fear the national farm bill will ruin their livelihood.

Yam Yams Owner Denies Drug Charges! The local BBQ joint owner says he's not a drug lord!

Police Shoot Pit Bull: Cue outrage.