The crafters are all in a tizzy since Hello Craft, a non-profit helping to organize and empower crafters and small businesses (therefore making your trips to Etsy and craft fairs ever-more professional experiences), announced that it will be holding its annual three-day conference—The Summit of Awesome—in Portland June 16-18 at the Kennedy School. Crafters who attend will have access to classes covering such subjects as getting press and online marketing, the legal hurdles of establishing a small business, maximizing craft show sales, working with museums, copyright and trademark law, and much much more (full schedule here). Local speakers include the IPRC's Justin Hocking, craft blogger and author Susan Beal, Queen Bee's Rebecca Pearcy, the Museum of Contemporary Craft's Namita Wiggers, Crafty Wonderland's Cathy Pitters and Torie Nguyen, and about a trillion other people who might be able to teach you a thing or two about the state of the modern handmade movement. Naturally, a summit of such awesomeness wouldn't be complete without a craft fair to match it. Thus the "Show of Awesome," a joint effort bringing 40 booths of handmade goods not just from our region, but from across the country, setting up in old Crafty Wonderland haunt the Doug Fir on Saturday June 19 from 10 am-3 pm. After all these titles, it had better be awesome.