Spot the difference.
  • Spot the difference.

Well, not exactly. But according to a recent report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, over 80% of cocaine being imported into the United States is cut with levamisole, a veterinary anti-worming agent used to treat cattle, sheep and pigs. Although levamisole was once used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, the chemical is no longer approved for human use in the United States (probably because it rots off your skin).

The report warned that "physicians should suspect cocaine abuse when they see patients with skin lesions caused by tissue death." So please, folks, if you ever see a skin-rotted-corpse stumbling towards you on an empty street at dusk, don't automatically assume they need to be killed in order to stop the infection and save humanity. They may simply need a friend who cares and directions to the nearest rehab clinic. Via Gawker.