Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday. What do these days have in common? Police-on-dog shootings following dog-on-person maulings. A play-by-play:

Saturday Afternoon: Pit bull lunges at Washington County deputy in Rock Creek neighborhood. Deputy's partner shoots, but does not kill, the dog.

Sunday Morning: Portland Police officers get a call saying that a pit bull is attacking multiple people near SE 124th and Powell Court. Officers respond, find a dog mauling an adult male. One officer fires a shot, the dog runs away. Another officer chases the dog, shoots, kills.

Yesterday, 12:40 pm: The Portland Police respond to another dog attack call. The arrive on the scene, and a three-dog pack advances on them. Officers shoot and kill the most aggressive dog. They chase and restrain the remaining two dogs. The first press release identifies the dogs as pit bulls, but we received an update at 3:39 that the dog shot was a Cane Corso, not a pit bull (pit bull slander?).

All people injured had what the PPB describe as "non-life-threatening" wounds. But come on, people/dogs, this whole atmosphere of aggression is really harshing my post-long-weekend mellow.